Thursday, August 18, 2005

Arrr, Mateys

What knitter doesn't love their mailman/mailwoman? Today I came home to see she delivered this

And no, Fenner was not deliverd with the package. He does look quite disinterested in it though, no? Ahh...don't let the 'Roo fool you because 2 seconds later he was doing this

So I opened the box and took out my pirate loot

33 skeins/hanks of luh - huh - uvely yarn! Woo Hoo! I hit the jackpot, baby!
To break it down -
First is the Alpaca Cloud yarn in sunlight and peppermint to make 2 of the Airy Scarves from Last Minute Knitted gifts. The pink one is for Grandma, and I might just have to keep the other one.

Then we have 8 hanks of Sierra yarn in cranberry to make that ultra chic sweater in the Fall 2005 issue of Vogue Knitting

Next up is 15 skeins of Andean Treasure in Granite to make this for the Redneck.
And last but not least, 8 skeins of sock yarn.
Whew! I have got some knitting to do!

(By the way, I didn't mean to cheat you out of photos of the last 2, but apparently blogger will not let me upload them - eh, cripes)


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