Thursday, August 25, 2005

Keep your mouth shut you judgemental prick

Redneck's first sock is el completo. The second sock however, is not. That one is fresh on the needles tonight with only 6 rows of k2 p2 rib done. I was really hoping to surprise him tomorrow with them. He is coming home tomorrow night! WOO HOO!
My last day of work is tomorrow. Went to lunch with my boss and 2 coworkers today. What a time that was. Why is it that some people try to impose their value system on others? I like to think I live a pretty decent and normal life - that I'm nice to others and am generally a good person. Still, my soon to be ex boss found the need to express his feelings on his life and everyone else's in the office (which are all pretty similar). He came across as judgemental, and thought he was doing the "right" thing. Instead, he was offensive.
I was telling my neighbors (L & M) about what happened, and M said, "I would have **expletive** gotten out of my chair and gotten the **expletive #2** out of there." Tell me how ya really feel M!
So now I have to deal with these people tomorrow. Cripes. Hope the day goes by fast.
Because I have no knitting pictures, here is one situation that you don't see very often - Tucker and Bax. Together. In the same room. On the same bed. Inches away from each other.


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