Tuesday, August 16, 2005

No gym = Boxy?

Have you ever met someone that you consider a friend (o.k. maybe not a friend, but an acquaintance) that you like but there is just SOMETHING that you don't like about them? Maybe it's their holier than thou attitude or their ability to say something to you that cuts you like a knife when they really don't mean anything by it or just the way they "hold" themselves (as my mom always said).

I feel that way about a lot of things that I have been knitting lately. Maybe it is just something that goes with the sleeveless sweater, but I HATE and I mean HATE every sleeveless sweater as of late. They make me look boxy. Mind you, I haven't worked out in a while but I still don't think I look horrible. (I know that sounds vain, but you will find out that I am the complete opposite.)

Take Klaralund for example - - -

What is a knit girl to do? I guess I really should try to tailor the knits to my dimensions but don't feel that I am an adequate knitter to be able to do so. Or I could just make other items that don't require any kind of tailoring like scarves or hats or more scarves or more scarves.

So lastnight I went to dinner with a few girls from work for a "Goodbye to You Since You are Moving" type of dinner and I got this really pretty bag -

With an even prettier bag -

Isn't it cute? Now the question is what to use it for - Can it be a purse or a knitting bag or a bag to put all of those awful sleeveless sweaters in and bury them in the back of the closet?


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