Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Damned Blogger

So I have been trying for the last several days to post pics to this website, but blooger....well blogger has been causing a little bit of problems. I have been wanting to show some yarn I received from http://knithappens.net , but to no avail. I have been knitting up a storm lately. I have bagged Leo for something else. Redneck will be so happy once I finish his new sweater. He keeps asking me when the new sweater will be fini. HMMM...by the looks of things, not any time soon.
Things in Maryland are going well, but I'm beginning to miss Eastern Pennsylvania sometimes. There is just so much more to offer there. Guess that is the price you pay my friend, the price you pay.
An old friend of mine just had a baby yesterday. Yes, she had a boy. Guess I shouldn't be surprised as the last 3 friends of mine had boys. And I was so hoping to knit a sweater for a girl!!
Ay, ye ye.
So it goes.
I will post pics as soon as blogger allows.


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