Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh, Shit - Literally

I'm beginning to wonder if moving was the best decision for us. It started Tuesday. First of all, let me explain - I am a certified TV junkie. Oh yes, I am. Dish Network came out Tuesday and informed me that because of the trees behind the house, they could not install a satellite on the roof. Ok, fine. Now what? Well apparently he thinks that burying a 4x4 piece of wood in the front yard and then placing the satellite on top of the 4x4 would be the answer. Look, I know we live close to West Virginia and all, but there is no way in hell I am doing that and look like friggin' white trash! So, I went down to the cable company which is a RIP OFF and am paying the same amount per month and getting less channels. I really don't care at this point, just give me some flippin' TV!!! It's bad enough that I missed the finale for Rescue Me, heaven knows I cannot miss any more of the soap Passions!!! Then, last Thursday I called the trucking company to see when they were going to deliver the truck that day. Seems that we were supposed to call them to tell them what day we wanted it delivered. Redneck even called the trucking company last week and they said it was being delivered Thursday. OK, whatever. So we don't get our stuff til Friday. Then Saturday we literally woke up to SHIT, oh yes, SHIT in our laundry room and garage. Redneck bought some magic drain stuff and it seemed to work - FOR A DAY. I was ready to call the plumbers no matter what the cost. But Redneck wanted to be frugal for once. So we waited until 6:00 tonight when there was more SHIT in our garage. So he went to Lowe's and bought something and needed help so he called some friends and the spent the last 3 hours cleaning out the pipes. So now it is done and the whole house smells like SHIT and I start work tomorrow. Somebody please remind me again why we made this move?