Friday, February 10, 2006

Procrastination is the name of the game

You know how you plan on doing something and then something else comes up? Or maybe your favorite t.v. show is on and you just NEED to watch it. And then the 2nd favorite show, and then the 3rd favorite show, and then - well you get the point. Or how about when you have to go to that nasty little place called work and you put it off some more. And then you must figure in knitting time. Oh, yeah - and phone calls to people or phone calls received or telemarketers to hang up on. Or kids - I don't have or want any, but I know a lot of you out there do.
Well that is exactly what happened to this post. Believe it or not I started typing last Saturday. Then it was put on hold because I needed to snap a few more pictures with the digital camera, but didn't quite know what shot I wanted. Then I figured that I may as well hold off on taking the pics because that yarn that I snagged a few days ago should be delivered Monday.
It came Monday alright, but I worked, then watched favorite t.v. show #something, then knit, then talked to grandma for an hour and a half on the phone. Time for bed. So the post waited.
Tuesday came and so did favorite t.v. show #something else, knitting, pain in back from knitting, so no post. Same thing Wednesday.

So lastnight came and I took the pictures, uploaded them, resized them, knitted, typed up the blog entry, clicked "Publish Post" and waited for blogger to tell me that they were doing scheduled maintenance at that time. I lost the post. Damned Blogger. Damned Me.
So here we are 7:15 a.m. and the post is getting written
before favorite t.v. show #something comes on, before knitting, before cleaning the house, before massage appointment this afternoon, before ANYTHING else happens.
You see that awesome birthday cake up there? Redneck got that for me. My birthday was last Friday. He also got me a gift certificate for the LYS which you know was already used, and then some! And he also got that beautiful necklace up there. Love it! Love Redneck! LOVE Birthdays!
Oh, and the Vesper Sock Yarn? That's right baby. Not one, but two skeins. Julia's yarn is more beautiful in person than any photo possible.