Friday, September 30, 2005

Life Goes On

I'm waiting for Redneck to hook up the digital camera cable so that I can post some pics. Redneck's socks are fini and I would like to post them. He gets busy, you know, after working 10 hours a day plus 8 hours on Saturdays. Then tonight he did some "errands" like going to get some tips for his bow as bow season comes in Saturday, and then going to the local fruit/veggie store, then to the market (or grocery store as M calls it), and then to pick up some beer. All of this after he got his hair cut after work today - busy man, I tell ya.
ANYHOW - I started working at a LYS Wednesday (besides my other job in a dental office) and I think I like it! Mel, the owner, has a Grand Re-Opening sale this weekend. I go for day 2 tomorrow. It is rather fun rummaging through the yarn.
Today I took measurements on Frank's dog Studio (my boss from the dental office) as he wants me to make a Captain America outfit for Studio. Hmmm...not yet quite sure how that will work out. Will keep you posted.