Monday, November 07, 2005

Nails, Carpet and Dells

Oh yeah, I have joined the local craze - I got my nails done. Seems like everyone around here is doing it. They all have these long, acrylic, dramatically painted nails. They look like they could poke your eye out with one swift swipe of a claw.

I have done this whole nail thing before, but never really kept them long. My nails have been breaking, so thought we'd give this a try until they grow out. I promise, I will not have cat claws like the others.

The knitting in the background? That would be the p.j. bottoms from the one Interweave Knits magazine. I think it was the Spring issue. Don't have the copy in front of me. Anywho - this is being knit with Pakachu Organic Cotton from Elann. Love It, Love It, Love It!

On the home front, we are getting new carpet installed in the 1st floor of the house. I'm digging it so far. It is a shade of beige that Redneck picked out.

We have 2 new Dell's coming our way in a few days. It is about damn time. The dinosaurs we currently have are both in a bad way. Can you say slow?

Ordering computers must be very tiring. Yes, very tiring indeed.