Saturday, April 29, 2006

Problem is...

You know how every knit blogger wants every knitter to read their blog? Yeah, well that is me. Problem is that I don't blog that often. I mean, I have good intentions. I read everyone else's and get a bit miffed if they don't post as often as would be desired. I knit a lot, but can't seem to take enough photos. I knit, knit, knit.
So, enough is enough. Here is a pair of socks that I was working on at the time, but have since completed:

Ewww...see that fugly toe?

The yarn is Dancing from Knit Picks. I lurve them. Already wore them to work with the purple scrubs. They are pretty darn cool.

Speaking of work, what a complete and total BITCH it has been the last 2 weeks. Busier than all get out .

It's time for beddy-bye, so here is a parting shot for all you dog lovers: