Thursday, September 01, 2005

My butt hurts...What?

So at first I thought I'd attempt to change the background color of this blog to pink - which it has been the last few weeks. Now I am thinking that just a regular 'ole Blogger template may work better. Yep, I'm not so good at that whole color matching thing.
I spent all friggin' day packing boxes from the kitchen, pantry and closet. Think it ended up being about 30 boxes. This move REALLY can't come soon enough.
Once again, I have not had time to knit, so no knitting pics today. Wouldn't matter anyway as Redneck has the digital camera with him anyway!

I will leave you with something I came across today that was saved on the computer. Received it around Easter - - Still cracks me the hell up!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

moving on up - ok, not really

No real knitting news today. Still working on Redneck's other sock. Sure has been busy though. Redneck and I had settlement on our new house yesterday. We are packing up the old house Saturday and then moving to Maryland. I will try to post more once this move is over.
P.S. - - - If anyone is interested in a house in Eastern PA, mine is for sale!!! ;0)